Our Vision & Values

At Conscious Living Cuisine, it's our goal to raise a quality poultry product, maintain the highest possible standards in workplace ethics, and offer each of our clients the personalized services they deserve. 

Our Vision

To be the best globally impacting food company, growing a better tomorrow and enriching the lives of others through innovation, integrity and quality, while staying true to the values and principles that built and define us.

As a family-oriented business that is well-run, well-maintained and well-respected, we believe in maintaining the highest standards in workplace ethics and equality. 

At Conscious Living Cuisine We Will:

  • Exceed customer expectations in the processing, distribution and marketing of safe, high-quality food products from farm to fork.
  • Base our operations on the values, commitment, knowledge and experience of our people and partners
  • Create, control and monitor the quality and origin of the products we process by constant value addition to the farmers and by dealing with the challenges presented by current market scenarios
Our Mission & Core Values

Our Core Values

As a company, we strive to run an ethical, forward-thinking and honourable organization, on every level.


  • Creating opportunities for business and residents to grow and prosper
  • Providing a model that sets a standard of excellence that others will want to follow
  • Respecting the generations and the value that they bring to the community
  • Creating an environment that fosters a sense of community spirit and pride
  • Providing and encouraging a community conducive to safe and healthy living

Openness & Responsiveness (Employees Above All)

  • Engaging stakeholders in meaningful dialogue
  • Communicating relevant information with clarity and accuracy in a timely manner
  • Demonstrating a caring attitude

Excellence in Attitude (Quality & Consumers First)

  • Being honest and demonstrating integrity in all of our dealings with our customers
  • Taking pride in delivering the best products and services possible
  • Demonstrating best business practices 

Good Governance (Integrity)

  • Engaging in the adoption of effective and appropriate governance practices
  • Ensuring ownership and management understand and appropriately act on their role

Outward Looking & Forward Thinking (Innovation)

  • Thinking strategically and planning for the future, being innovative and open to new ideas

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