Shipping & Distribution

Whether you're a farmer of a wholesaler, Conscious Living Cuisine is there for you each step of the way, from poultry processing to customizable packaging and shipping services.

Shipping & Distribution Services For Farmers & Wholesalers

At Conscious Living Cuisine, we offer regional, provincial, national and international shipping and distribution services via a reliable network of shipping companies.

You Can Count on Quality

Prior to distribution, your products will be packaged according to your request. We have the ability to bulk pack, single pack, bag, vacuum seal, or heat shrink. All boxed birds will be palletized and wrapped for delivery.

All the product we process must meet and exceed strict quality requirements and checks, and be stored and transported in containers at temperatures not exceeding 4ºC, as mandated by our HACCP, Food Safety, and Quality & Inspection programs.
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Consider Conscious Living Cuisine your support team. We'll make sure you get quality poultry products, custom packaged and shipped on time and per your specifications — and all for a competitive price.

Are You a Restaurant Owner?

At Conscious Living Cuisine, our chicken, turkey, duck, and specialty poultry are raised the old-fashioned way. We carefully craft their diets and oversee each step of the process, to make sure that each bird with raise is comfortable, strong, healthy, and exceptionally delicious.

Our state-of-the-art processing facility allows us to process that each and every bird efficiently and humanely. We also offer restaurant owners antibiotic-free, hormone free, locally raised, and hand-processed products, making for a valuable marketing narrative that you can offer your customers. Contact us and we'll connect you with one of our trusted wholesalers!

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