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Conscious Living Cuisine is a poultry farm and processing plant. Our team focuses on producing ethically raised, high quality products.

A Hands-On Approach

At Conscious Living Cuisine, we take the quality of our product seriously.

That means our team oversees each step of the process, from the type of feed our birds get and their care as they're raised, to the efficiency of our processing services — and everything in between.

Pete & Don Drost  |  Head Growers

Brothers Pete and Don Drost were born in Palmerston, Ontario, where they grew up on the family poultry farm.

They currently specialize in two unique and incredible breeds: the antibiotic free, slow growing French White Muscovy Duck, and the exquisite Sasso label Rouge Chicken.

Paul Wideman, President, W-S FEEDS  |  Head Feeder

Born and raised in St. Jacobs, Ontario, Paul has spent his entire career at W-S Feeds.

Paul’s proudest moment came with W-S Feeds innovation in the early production and technology of antibiotic free poultry. 

A pioneer in his profession, Paul believes that these types of feeds and nutrition will continue to set market leading standards for today’s health conscious chefs and consumers.

Paul is a master of his craft, carefully selecting diets, ensuring that his birds grow strong and healthy, and provide excellent quality in taste and texture.

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