Our Difference

Whatever the size or species of your flock, Conscious Living Cuisine offers large flock custom processing services to meet your needs. We also raise our own specialty birds.

We are a true Farm to Fork organization.

We feed, grow, process and distribute a wide range of poultry products. We're there each step the way, carefully selecting diets and raising our birds to be strong, healthy, and delicious.

We raise specialty birds.

We're proud to specialize in two unique and incredible breeds: The antibiotic free, slow growing French Muscovy Duck and the exquisite Sasso Chicken.

We process multi-species products.

We have processing capabilities for chicken, duck, turkey at a variety of sizes, and we also offer custom processing options, depending on the needs of the farmer.

We process large or small flocks.

We can process flocks as small as 500 birds or as big as 10,000 birds on any given day.

We offer a great selection of quality products for wholesalers.

Because we raise and process such a wide range of species, we can offer our wholesalers a broad range of quality poultry products to choose from. That means you get all your poultry needs met with one convenient source.

We put our clients first.

Though we have large scale processing capabilities, we're small enough to be able to customize our services based on the needs of each farmer. Whether you're a quota holder or a niche or specialty farmer, we can meet your processing needs, on demand.

Distribution services you can feel good about.

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