The Conscious Living Cuisine Story

Conscious Living Cuisine is a poultry farm and processing plant with a focus on producing ethically raised, high quality products.

Our History

Conscious Living Cuisine Processing Ltd was formed in 2015 as the result of a partnership between the Drost Family and WS Feeds.

After the Dundalk Poultry facility was purchased, our journey began.

At first, Conscious Living Cuisine was a provincially inspected facility, but our goal was always to become a federally registered establishment. To this end, we closed the plant doors in October 2016 to retool.

In March the next year, the plant re-opened as a federally registered plant – and we have been growing ever since. 

About Us

Conscious Living Cuisine is a full-service poultry farm and processing facility. 

Farm To Fork Organization

We are a Farm to Fork organization.

We feed, raise, process and distribute a wide, multi-species range of products, including chicken as well as various specialty birds. It's our mission to grow strong, healthy birds as naturally as possible, and provide excellence in flavour and texture.

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We Value Innovation, Integrity & Quality.

It's our goal to always be a forward thinking and innovative company with a focus on providing quality products and services to our customers, and maintaining the highest standards in workplace ethics and equality.  

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Distribution services you can feel good about.

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