Our Farm To Fork Approach

At Conscious Living Cuisine, we raise, feed, and process our own birds, making us a true Farm to Fork poultry processor.

What Does 'Farm to Fork' Mean?

Farm to Fork is one of the biggest trends in the nutrition world, and one that is at odds with today's rapid technological innovation and evolution.

Farm to Fork means placing value on quality rather than convenience, and on attention to detail rather than the quick fix.

For food producers who take a Farm to Fork approach, the process their product goes through before it arrives on your plate matters. In fact, that process is essential to the quality, flavour and nutritional value of your meal.

How We Do Farm to Fork

At Conscious Living Cuisine, our 'Farm to Fork' approach means that we have total control over our production process. We're solely responsible for raising our our birds, feeding them, processing them and distributing them.

We take it slow, give each step of the production process the attention it deserves, and do everything it takes to make that morsel on your fork a delicious and healthy one. 

Our Birds

We offer natural, antibiotic and hormone free chicken and specialty poultry.  Our birds are raised under the watchful eyes of our head growers, Don and Pete Drost, who make sure they are healthy, comfortable, and growing well. 

Our birds can roam, eat, drink and socialize with other birds. It's our belief that happy birds are healthy birds, and this is reflected in the quality product we ultimately produce.

Our Feed

Paul Wideman, our head feeder, spent his entire career at W-S Feeds before starting at Conscious Living Cuisine. He's a pioneer in his field, and passionate about what he does – and it shows.

Paul selects diets carefully with the needs of each breed in mind, and with the goal of growing birds that are strong, healthy, naturally raised, with excellent flavour and texture.

Our Facility

Once our birds have achieved the ideal weight to be sold for meat, they are collected and transported to our on-site processing plant.

At our clean, state-of-the-art processing plant, our birds are processed quickly and humanely in line with our vision and values.

Additionally, our birds are thoroughly washed, chilled and inspected by our team. 


At Conscious Living Cuisine, we offer regional, provincial, national and international shipping and distribution options via a reliable network of shipping companies.

We also offer a broad range of product packaging choices.

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Our Specialty Birds

French Muscovy Duck

French Muscovy Ducks are popularly bred in France, where purer and bigger breeds are produced. They grow quickly, at about a pound per week, and produce heavy, all-white meat. They typically weigh in at 12 lbs (5.4 kg) when they are just 12 weeks old.

Muscovy ducks produce a lean, tender meat, with a flavour not unlike veal. They have larger breasts than Common Ducks, and this is usually the meat that is sold. Overall, they are less fatty than other ducks.

Sasso Chicken

Our Sasso chickens meet a higher standard than average in their feed and living conditions. Our Sasso chickens are slow growing, and produce a delicious, flavourful meat.

Our hens are raised on a diet of cereals and vegetable proteins and have ample freedom to roam.

Custom Bird Processing Services

Our Farm to Fork approach means that we can offer our clients a product whose quality we can guarantee - because we've been there each step of the way.

Distribution services you can feel good about.

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